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Larry Mahan has privately studied for years on the subject of Creation vs Evolution. He presents powerpoint talks on that subject. The truth about dinosaurs, and a verse by verse study through Genesis 1 and 2 are two of his favorite topics. Larry is not a scientist by trade and is not steeped in academia so his talks tend to be at a laymens level that is educational and entertaining to young adults and families.
"I unapologetically believe in the biblical teaching that the time-space-matter of our Universe was created aproximately 6000 years ago, That the world as we know it was created in six 24 hour days, and about 4500 years ago there was a world covering flood that destroyed all life on earth except what was preserved on the Ark that God provided through Noah!"
Larry (Mr. SONshine) Mahan is well equiped to teach the art of magic to children.
Larry (Mr. SONshine) Mahan lectures at Magic and Clown clubs to share his vast knowledge and experience. His many years of performing have made him a desired speaker on topics such as Magic for Kids; Spring Animal puppets; Shtick, the Art of Entertaining Children; One-Balloon Animals; Magic with a Message; and many more.