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The Home of Mr. SONshine, The King of Kidshow Komedy​​


Children's entertainment is our specialty at SONshine Entertainment. Mr. SONshine is our main Character and can perform for children of any age, Mr. SONshine is a clown of sorts but does not wear make-up so he is much less intimidating to the preschool crowd. Also the lack of make-up makes him much more acceptible to the pre-teen and teenagers. Everybody loves Mr. SONshine
During that special time at the end of the year, St. Nick, the magic Santa is available. St. Nick is well equiped to do the standard 'sitting with Santa" time and can even come with a complete Santa set with background screen, chair, bag of candy canes, and everything else that is needed for a great photo shoot . St. Nick can also perform Christmas themed magic and balloon animals.

Mr. SONshine

Mr. SONshine with Background

St. Nick, the Magic Santa

Our main feature is our magic show. With over fifty years experience we are well equiped to do a fabulous and professional show. Mr. SONshine comes completely self contained with everything he needs to perform for you. All you need to supply is the space and an audience. We prefer to have about a 5 X 8 foot performance area (plus the area for the audience) but we can work with less or more if that is what is available. Depending on the situation Mr. SONshine has a sound system and a background screen available if needed. We are perfectly capable or providing entertainment for any audience from just a few kids to a crowd of hundreds.
Balloonimals is our pet name for our unique brand of balloon animals. Almost all of our balloonimals are made from only one balloon and can be just about any animal in the world. Of course in certain curcumstances due to time constraints or other situations we may limit the choices. but we try to please! During birthday party shows or other events with a guest of honor, that special person gets a bigger and better, multi-balloon animal. Both Mr. SONshine and St. Nick, the magic Santa fill the time of balloonimal making with comedy, jokes and other shtick that make the time a memorable and enjoyable experience.