Who Is SONshine Entertainment
SONshine Entertainment is a Colorado Springs, CO based entertainment company that caters to kids and family audiences. Larry Mahan, performing as Mr. SONshine, is celebrating 50 years in entertainment. He has performed, lectured, and taught from Alaska to the Caribbean, and from California to Maryland. He is currently Vice President of the Rocky Mountain Chapter, Fellowship of Christian Magicians and author of several books and publications on performing, magic, balloons, spring animals, and teaching creation to kids.  While touring with Max Hapner, Max called him the King of Kidshow Komedy, a monicre that has stuck to this day.  For fifty years, this man has brought his love for children and animals to the stage. Magician, clown, pastor, teacher, and funny man, all rolled into one - -
The king of Kidshow Komedy - Mr. SONshine

Larry Mahan (Mr. SONshine) Owner and Operator of SONshine Entertainment